Faith Holland, Visual Orgasms: Waterfalls, 2013

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6 days and counting. The move (back) to Baltimore countdown has begun.

6 days and counting. The move (back) to Baltimore countdown has begun.



Owen Humphreys

Man on the Wire

A pack of insects or birds traveling in swarms and making patterns in the sky at dusk? Beautiful.


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Glitchometry Stripes #22

(sound effects applied to b&w straight lines)

Like the most amazing stained glass windows you ever hoped to see. 

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So here’s a question. Yahoo has owned Flickr for a while now (since March 2005! that’s even longer than I had originally thought). They overhauled the look of Flickr, unveiling a site redesign hours after purchasing tumblr earlier this year but have made no changes in how it effectively functions.


Flickr’s handling of animated gifs is pretty poor, you can upload gifs but if you want to see them animated you have click through a few pages to get to the gif’s original size. That said you can upload gifs to flickr without having to worry about color saturation, small file size limitations, etc. and that’s a positive for flickr’s handling of gifs.

Animated gif

And we all know that tumblr has it’s issues with gifs as well. I was—maybe naïvely—hoping that the yahoo’s purchase of tumblr would possibly allow for better gif handling here on tumblr. Ok so anyways here’s the question, if flickr’s handling of gifs is better than tumblr’s but is still pretty awful in its own way, should we expect that yahoo would improve tumblr’s poor handling of gifs? At the very least increase the file size limitation and color handling capacity of gifs here on tumblr?


Is this too much to ask of a “free” service like tumblr? I should note that I have been a paying flickr pro user for many years, that alone should allow me to have some very modest expectations yes? 


Delta Inc.

Isometric Paper Rips

(Source: deltainc.nl)

R.H. Quaytman at Nathalie Obadia

R.H. Quaytman at Nathalie Obadia

(Source: contemporaryartdaily.com)


Studies for Idyllic Landscape Unit

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Crowell Pond, New Sharon ME

So tired of Tumblr’s lame gif color/saturation error