Interactive Glitch Art experience by Rosa Menkman developed with the gaming platform Unity.

Below is a video on the background of the work: anyone familiar with Rosa’s work or Glitch Art in general will recognize many of her pieces:

You can download for Windows, Mac and Linux at the project’s website here

rosa-menkman also has a Tumblr blog here

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0p3nr3p0 call for Tactical Glitches


include ur political glitch worx in Tactical Glitches ( in Naples, IT ) through the open_port hosted by »
( and simultaneously add ur worx to the 0p3nr3p0 archive )


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Dither Studies

Ongoing project by Daniel Temkin to explore the aesthetics of dithering algorithms. The latest instalment is a browser-based customisable viewer allowing you to choose colours and alter the density - it is interesting to see what patterns emerge. It’s partly minimalism, algorithmic art, net art and maybe a little Warhol-like:

I began this series is 2011, misusing Photoshop to create dithering patterns, basically by giving it a plain color or gradient and asking it to dither using completely incompatible colors, exposing the patterns that emerge …

Last week I re-released it as an in-browser tool, allowing users to determine the palette (although encouraging the color combinations I like for it — by default it suggests the complementary color of which whichever first color you choose), and choose a dithering algorithm.

You can try this out for yourself here

More at Daniel’s website here, and more at Daniel’s Tumblr here

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Post Code

Interactive installation by vtol lets you scans any product barcode and generates a glitch print from it in postcard format - video embedded below:

post code installation converts barcodes as a symbol of consumerism and the digital, virtual communications age into a device that encourages personal communication.
If you put any packing with a barcode to scanner, it will print postal glitch cards with the image generated from the digits encoded in and play sounds also generated from code.

More Here

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Next exhibition at Transfer Gallery is a show featuring the work of glitch artist Daniel Temkin:

Glitchometry is an ongoing body of work from Daniel Temkin, an artist and programmer who produces humanistic collaborative works with the machine. The collaboration is an uneasy one, where the artist and algorithm have conflicting agendas and trade off control in building the work. The result is an exploration of our relationship with machines — a collision between our desire for accessible forms in chaotic processes and a compulsiveness arising from our attempts to think logically.

In his emphasis on process over product and on the constraint system defining the work, Temkin recalls both the ‘structures’ of Sol LeWitt and Gerhard Richter’s Abstraktes Bild, with its ambivalence of authorship within a system.

Glitchometry is rooted in Temkin’s use and misuse of the machine — in this case, the pirated software Cool Edit Pro, whose thousands of users all authenticate as Peter Quistgard. With this sound editing software, Temkin manipulates simple black and white geometric figures and stripes by databending sound effects through color channels, coercing visual artifacts that correspond to the properties of sound. Temkin works obsessively through iterations to create elaborate sonar landscapes which are illuminated in vibrant lightbox displays. This exhibition focuses on two new Glitchometry studies: one based on stripes, another based on triangles, squares, and circles. The new work was produced in part during a residency at the Institute of Electronic Arts at Alfred University during the summer of 2013, and has been paired with past studies and new process pieces for this exhibition.

There are a few video examples on Daniel’s Vimeo account with three works that will be featured - here is one of them:

Glitchometry Video (Circles #10) from Daniel Temkin on Vimeo.

The show opens on the 16th of November - more information on the show or how to get to the gallery can be found at Transfer’s website here

Daniel’s Tumblr blog can be found here

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Online exhibition from featuring Digital and Net Art on the subject of Money and Error, put together by virtual curator “Vasily Zaitsev”:

" M0N3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US ” proposes to establish connections , dialogues, and new insights into the contemporary art scene around the general topic of MONEY. Around 60 international artists with various aesthetic and conceptual approaches who work in fields such as Digital Art , Net.Art , New Media , Interactive Art , Multimedia, JavaScript, Glitch, Video, Online Performance, and Image.

The theme of MONEY was chosen for its ubiquitous nature by an anonymous identity, a virtual online curator who used the name of a famous Russian sniper of World War II: Vasily Zaitsev, a man that could not be seen and acted afar.

Artists with works exhibiting are: Rafaël Rozzendal, Paolo Cirio, Anthony Antonellis, Aaron Koblin + Takashi Kawashima, Systaime, Nuria Güell, Martin Kohout, Dafna Ganani, Thomas Cheneseau, Lorna Mills & Yoshi Sodeoka, Jan Robert Leegte, Jennifer Chan , JUST DO IT. Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach Nick Briz, Nicolas Sasoon, Maximilian Roganov, Mitch Posada, Dominik Podsiadly, Ellectra Radikal, Marco Cadioli, Miyö Van Stenis, Miron Tee, Andrey Keske, Gusti Fink, Curt Cloninger, Jon Cates, Aoto Oouchi, Cesar Escudero, Nick Kegeyan, Alfredo Salazar Caro | TMVRTX, Robert B. Lisek, Dave Greber, Addie Wagenknecht, Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, Kim Laughton, Ciro Múseres, Paul Hertz, Keigo Hara, José Irion Nieto, Mathieu St-Pierre, Marc Stumpel, Lars Hulst, León David Cobo, Adam Braffman, Jefta Hoekendijk, Vince McKelvie, Benjamin Berg, Guayaco Coco, George Jacotey, THEREisaMAJORPROBLEMinAUSTRALIA, Haydi Roket, V5MT & Sofía Reta, Fabien Zocco, Adam Ferriss, Yemima Fink, Emilio Vavarella, Geraldine Juaréz, Filipe Matos, Vasily Zaitsev, Erica Lapdat-Janzen, Laturbo Avedon, A Bill Miller, Agente Doble | UAFC, Rollin Leonard, Jasper Elings, Milos Rajkovic, Rozita Fogelman …and more…

You can check out the online exhibition here

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Specular and Diffuse

Specular and Diffuse is a collection of animated gifs created in the Summer of 2013
from short videos of light reflecting off of bodies of water large and small.

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A (MOTH) in RELAY by jonCates + Jake Elliott

“Does a Moth love a computer? Does a computer programmer love bugs? Does Grace Hopper love the Mark II computer, or to be specific and to be precise, does she love it when it glitches? Love is interesting to us and fascinating to you but it is painful to the Mark II, the Moth and Grace. That is love!”

So looking forward to receiving the LA Game Space game pack!

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Uh yeah, pretty awesome. Olia Lialina - Multi-domain, auto-refreshing, animated gif. 

Uh yeah, pretty awesome. Olia Lialina - Multi-domain, auto-refreshing, animated gif.


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